Please call for an appointment

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Happy Dog Spa would prefer for our customers to call and schedule an appointment for their dogs. We do take walk-ins but we cannot guarantee availability, please call. If you are only needing nail trimming no appointment is necessary, we can do nail trimming on on the spot.

Our Process

Happy Dog Spa’s process start to finish.

When you arrive at Happy Dog Spa you will meet the groomer and discuss what services you want done. If you are unsure what you want your puppy to look like our groomers can make recommendations. Happy Dog Spa’s groomers work on multiple dogs at one time and we average 3 to 4 hours per dog from start to finish, sometimes 2 to 3 hours if its a Bath & Brush-out. We will call when your puppy is finished and ready for pick-up. Dogs will be kenneled, this is not a cage free environment. It is for the protection of our groomers and your pet, there is no exceptions.

Dangers of Matted Fur

Explaining the risk and dangers of matted dog hair.

Dogs with matted hair can trap moisture, bugs, fleas, bacteria and other nasty things. Sores may have developed under the mats, and these may be aggravated and ripped by the clipper blade. When hair is this matted, groomers have to use a very low blade in order to get underneath the hair and cut it off. This puts a sharp, fast moving, hot piece of metal (the blade) right against the skin of your pet. This may result in razor burn or serious skin irritation, and if your dog moves or jumps at the wrong moment it may result in a nick or serious cut. Tight matting on the ears can cause “hematomas” the very delicate blood vessels in the tips of the ears to burst, causing blood to pool under the hair at the tips of the ears. When we shave off the matted hair, the blood starts seeping through the tips of the ears. We have NOT cut the ears, only removed the tightly bound hair, and the pooling blood is now free to leak out through the ear flaps. Last but least, its very uncomfortable for your puppy to be matted, please brush your pet.  


FURminator De-Shedding Treatment explained

The FURminator De-Shedding treatment reduces shedding 60 – 80 percent when done monthly or bi-weekly. A dog’s first FURminator treatment will thin the fur and loosen the undercoat and may cause excessive shedding that will last about a day. This happens because the undercoat is very thick and every time the dog is De-Shedded it removes more and more of the dead dense fur allowing the new fur to grow in evenly and un-clumped. Keep in mind an under coat that isn’t maintained can possibly cause matting, thinning of the hair, and/or hair loss. 

Bath & Brush Package

Bath & Brush Package explained

The Bath & Brush Package does not include the FURminator De-Shedding Treament add-on, that is an additional charge. The Bath & Brush Package includes a brushing that will smooth and brighten the coat, it will not reduce shedding. Dogs who do not receive a Bath & Brush Package every 4 – 6 weeks may have excessive shedding after their visit. This is because the dog has built up a dense under coat and when we use our products and special bathing equipment it breaks up the under coat. The FURminator De-shed add-on is what removes the undercoat and helps to reduce shedding.

Walk-in Nail Trimming

Walk-in, trim nails, done.

We offer walk-in nail trimming, no appointment required. We will trim the nails on the spot.